Pam Borrelli Photography

Pam Borrelli, a San Francisco-based photographer, has been creating photographic images throughout her life, a passion she first discovered in childhood. The formal study of photography led Pam to a fortuitous meeting with acclaimed photographer, Ruth Bernhard, who became Pam's mentor, encouraging her to pursue a commitment to photography. Pam attended the San Francisco Art Institute and later earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, expanding and deepening her awareness, sharpening the desire to express herself artistically through photography.

"My photography focuses on the interplay between reality and imagination. After years of honing my skills in the traditional dark room, I have embraced the digital revolution in Photography and I am continually inspired by its creative applications."

Pam has participated in a number of juried exhibitions where she has won recognition and awards for her work most recently from the Kellicutt International Photo Show. Her floral images are featured in the new book "Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists." Pam's art may be seen at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery (founded in 1887) located at 647 Irving Street, 94122, where she currently serves as the President of its Board of Directors.